Tree Removal

We can help you decide if your tree needs to be removed. We have the skill and knowledge to safely and effectively remove even the most dangerous tree without damaging its features. Tree removal is a dangerous job and it is best left to trained, licensed and insured professionals.

Trees that are close to properties and/or power lines can become hazardous. Protect your home and the homes of your neighbors by hiring a professional arborist for your tree removal. A full-service tree removal will completely remove the tree from the property including limbs, trunk, stumps and roots.

The Matute’s Tree Service experts are experienced in the removal of large oak trees, pine trees, cedar trees and other trees common to the Virginia area.         

Tree Trimming

Pruning (Trimming) is the most common tree practice done to urban trees. Our professional tree workers can prune your trees for the best possible aesthetics, while allowing your trees to meet certain requirements, improve tree health and also exceed your expectations.

Properly trimming trees and shrubs requires an understanding of tree species, knowledge of best practices for trimming, and a commitment to ongoing education. The arborists at Matute’s Tree Service are Danville experts in tree care; and we understand the important role your trees play in your home’s landscape. We have the skill and equipment to prune your trees and shrubs according to the very latest guidelines for appearance, health and safety.

Stump Removal

When you hire Matute’s Tree Service to remove a tree from your yard, you need to decide whether we should also perform stump removal services. Our suggestion is always that you should because stumps can be dangerous and burdensome when left to rot on your landscape. We provide essential stump removal in Danville, VA for both commercial and residential clients called Sir Matute for stump removal of our quality workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Reasons to choose Matute’s Tree Service:

We offer free estimates.

We work with trees of all shapes and sizes.

We are an authorized arborist who are Insured and Licensed.

We will not rest until you are satisfied with our work.

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